Hi, my name is Niels and I'm the person behind Coconut Cockpit. I'm a veteran in the games industry, having worked on such AAA  titles as Battlefield V, Battlefield 2042 and Star Wars Battlefront 2. Right now I'm working as a technical animator at Embark Studios on our upcoming games: Arc Raiders and The Finals

The first time I saw DCS was when I stumbled across  Hasard Lee commenting on the trailer of the Viper module.  Having grown up only a few miles from an active F-16 airbase in Belgium  it was really cool to see a high fidelity version of an F-16 available in a game. I downloaded DCS and immediately got hooked!

After playing around in DCS's Mission Editor a little bit, I was actually impressed by what was available. Impressed and also just a tad bit frustrated because  things didn't always work the way I thought they would. I quickly realized that building missions just in the mission editor wasn't going to get me very far. Luckily there's actually a whole lot that can be achieved through the scripting API. That just made much more sense to me coming from a game development background. And a special shout out for everyone working on the MOOSE framework. This is just an invaluable tool for scripting in DCS! Instead of doing everything manually with a bunch of triggers in the Mission Editor, I'm building the campaign on a series of systems. It both makes my life easier when developing and allows me to do a bunch of things that are just not possible through the standard mission editing tools. 

So right now I'm working on my first DCS campaign and I thought it might be interesting to document my process here on the site. I'll try to make a video every couple of weeks to show my progress.
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