Hi, my name is Niels and I'm the person behind Coconut Cockpit. I'm a veteran in the games industry, having worked on such AAA  titles as Battlefield V, Battlefield 2042 and Star Wars Battlefront 2,  Arc Raiders and THE FINALS

The first time I saw DCS was when I stumbled across  Hasard Lee commenting on the trailer of the Viper module.  Having grown up only a few miles from an active F-16 airbase in Belgium  it was really cool to see a high fidelity version of an F-16 available in a game. I downloaded DCS and immediately got hooked!

After playing around in DCS's Mission Editor a little bit, I was really impressed by what was available. It didn't take long though before I started running into some of the quirks of the Mission Editor.  I quickly realized that building missions just in the mission editor wasn't going to get me very far. Thanks to the amazing DCS community I quickly moved on to doing mission design through code. As a game developer, I felt much more at home in code environment. It was very much like working in other game engines like Unreal or Frostbite.  
A special shout-out for everyone contributing to the MOOSE framework, it's truly an invaluable tool for scripting in DCS! It adds so much extra functionality on top of the default scripting environment. It also made a lonely Python programmer like myself feel more comfortable working with Lua. I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone to use MOOSE when trying to do any scripting in DCS. 
The campaigns I'm working on rely heavily on this scripting framework to add extra features to the vanilla DCS experience. 
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